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Virtual desktops: remote, fast and cost-effective access to powerful software applications for architects, product designers and creative agencies

Businesses that rely on 3D compute-heavy applications – like architects, product designers and other creative agencies – typically need powerful, expensive workstations with specific software to carry out their critical work.

Many of these workstations are static, requiring remote access to enable work outside the office. Often these remote access solutions are expensive and slow to deliver complex projects. What’s more, there’s a risk these workstations are used as regular office computers, rendering them unavailable for remote access.

Our Virtual Desktops combine the power of Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop with Microsoft Azure’s Virtual Machines to provide high-capacity processing and scalable memory.

And with Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines, you get access to powerful NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, giving you the power you need to run the CAD, 3D, and creative software you’re used to in the office.

This enables you and your staff to produce results in a fraction of the time.

Render-on-Demand Service

For complex projects such as architectural concepts, product designs, creative adverts and others, our Render-on-Demand Service can save you time and money.

Using Microsoft Azure Batch Rendering, our tests show that it can reduce the time it takes to render a 3DSMax on-premises model from 26 hours to just 3 hours.

It means that all users in your organisation can work from any location with an internet connection, simultaneously, with complete access to specialist hardware.

With Virtual Desktops from Instant On IT, you also get:

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