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Information Commissioner’s Warning

In the October edition of the barrister, Louise Wynn (Business Manager, Instant On IT) examines the Information Commissioner’s warning of potential hefty fines for data breaches, and the ICO’s recently published security tips for the UK legal profession.

This warning may well prompt chambers to review security policies in place and encourage barristers to give information security due consideration.

Some tips given by the ICO are more a case of common sense, whereas some highlight the need for well-thought through processes. Other tips, although not new, may prove the hardest to implement in practice, without help from specialists. Email encryption for example, where technology is the enabler, can be a fairly straight-forward solution to roll out with expert guidance at hand.

For those chambers that embrace technology as a means of improving the way barristers engage and operate, the benefits can extend far beyond hefty fine avoidance.

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