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The Evolving Cloud

Practically everyone’s heard of the Cloud these days. There’s been some serious investment in making sure this is the case, with TV ads, station fit-outs and even adverts for your own personal cloud filling up hoardings around our cities. Cloud is big business, and it needs to be. The big 3 public cloud providers (Microsoft, Google, Amazon) have invested billions in datacentres around the world. So, with all this hype, why have so many businesses still held off moving lock, stock and barrel to the cloud?

One key reason is that organisations tend to have a range of services that need to be kept close for a variety reasons, such as ease of use, security requirements or recent investments in hardware or software. Others find that hosting services in Amazon or Azure just does not work out economically for them. And so, for many, the bigger prize comes from the more cloud creative options now open to them – the ability to combine the use of Public cloud services with their Onsite or even Private Cloud services. These options makes a move to the cloud increasingly attractive, as supported by Sapphire Now cloud study results published this month showing that almost 85% of businesses now plan to implement a cloud or ‘hybrid’ model in the next 3 years. Yet, with over half of these organisations still having onsite services today, seamlessly tying in their cloud and on-premise services will be critical.

Instant On IT provides Private Cloud services for a good proportion of our clients as a natural extension to their onsite services, with the two delivery types then working seamlessly together. Clients frequently also opt to use Public Cloud services on top of this platform, creating an environment where they mix and match all three IT delivery options – Onsite, Private Cloud and Public Cloud – to best fit with their requirements.

We believe that combining the various types of Cloud services in this way is the future for IT, whereby all businesses can have a tailored IT service delivery, instead of one size having to fit all!

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