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Sailing the high seas

With winter here in full force we thought the reminiscence of the Instant On IT summer holiday in warm sun would cheer us all up.

It has become custom for Instant On IT to go sailing. Perhaps it’s the team building, the sun beating down, the wind in your hair (if you have any) or even the energetic winch handling, or maybe it’s a combination of all of the above that keeps us going back for more.

So, back in June, we set off again for Croatia and picked up our 42 ft Jeanneau called Da Draga, which incidentally means ‘my darling’ in Croatian, in a slightly nagging tone. Not that this boat nagged as, being new, she cut through the water very well, helping make the speed competition even more fun.

We took the trip slightly earlier in the year, this time round, to fit in with holidays already booked. Because of this, the weather was a little more mixed than in previous years. In fact, the worse spring in memory for the locals waited for us, and one of our crews got winds of over 40 kts and a very bumpy sea. It is generally a bad sign when you are going out and the dolphins are coming in!

We picked locations we had not visited before and refreshed a couple of old favourites. The great thing about sailing in Croatia is that there are so many choices, so many islands and inlets to head to, based on the winds.

Our crews all loved it. Fantastic food, swimming in the sea, baking on the front of the boat, singing on the quays and the usual spotting of naked Europeans in inappropriate positions ….. there was most definitely something for everyone!


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