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Paul Coote talks ‘cloud’ for the barrister

Instant On IT’s Founder and Managing Director, Paul Coote, wrote for the barrister this month highlighting the Law Society’s recent practice note on the ‘cloud’. The article noted the shift in attitude in the legal sector towards the cloud, as well as the many parallels between considering more traditional outsourcing and considering a move to the cloud.

Although the legal sector is always cautious in using new IT services, it is catching up. Paul explains how many legal institutions are already using services which would now be sold as ‘cloud’ (such as offsite backup and unauthorised products such as Dropbox), and how more institutions will be considering the cloud in the future, as a way to potentially reduce costs in IT and/ or deliver benefits that go beyond cost.

He outlines the three-tiered cloud model we discuss with our clients and how we make sure each of our clients has the right combination of the three, depending on business needs and strategy:
1) on-premise services, meaning on-site in their buildings or offices; 2) private cloud services – which are being run specifically for them, outside of their building; and 3) public cloud services – which are being run outside of their building or office, and are not specific to them.

Adopting the cloud has many advantages and, if the right decisions are made when it comes to aspects such as partner choice and avoiding contractual tie-ins, the cloud offers a great opportunity for enhanced service quality, improved security and a more flexible approach to costs.

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