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Microsoft Office 365: it’s not a case of ‘one size fits all’

Microsoft Office 365 undoubtedly offers great benefits for SMEs: up to 50GB of email storage space per user and anti-malware/spyware filtering included as standard, as well as options that include an Office subscription for up to 5 PCs/Macs per user, access to SkyDrive Pro, Office Mobile, and the list goes on. Plus, the price point is pretty unbeatable.

We’ve definitely got the T-shirt when it comes to migrating SMEs to Microsoft’s Exchange Online platform, being early adopters ourselves and setting companies up and running on Microsoft 365 on a monthly basis since its inception.

It’s worth noting though that the way in which the service is implemented from the outset can have longer lasting effects on the user experience. This is why we spend so much time understanding the technology choices our clients have made so far and their plans for the coming years; factors which then determine how exactly we implement and integrate Microsoft 365 from the outset.

Customising the user log-on experience: It’s a balance between making sure everything is private and secure, and keeping things simple. We achieve this balance in different ways depending on the size of the client, the organisation’s approach to authentication, the level of current or planned integrated applications/services, and whether Active Directory is already set up.

Creating a richer experience: A business without email is unheard of. We recognise that. Depending on how an organisation’s Microsoft Exchange is currently set up, we can blend the two set-ups to create a more feature rich environment. This enables smarter handling of user subsets, continued use of on-premise email disclaimer software, compliance or regulatory requirements to be met, and enhanced software integration.

There might not be a ‘one-size fits all’ solution, but we see that as a good thing, as our experience enables us to precisely fit the technology to our clients’ business needs.

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